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Municipality of Hormigueros


City Revitalization Program

Department Of Housing


(787) 849-2515  Ext.300

Office Hours:

8:00 am a 4:00 pm

Dr. Lester A.  Maldonado Padilla

Project Manager City

Revitalization Program

What are CDBG – DR Funds?


These funds are an allocation from the Puerto Rico Department of Housing (DV) and the Federal Department of Housing (HUD). They become available when the president declares a major disaster. In addition, the needs must be significant for the long-term recovery of the homes and infrastructure of the communities affected by the natural disaster.

How do the Funds work?


They are distributed through different federal programs for municipalities to carry out recovery works aimed at revitalizing urban centers. In addition, it allows to develop and implement a vision of the future for Puerto Rico. The agency responsible for administering the allocated funds is the Puerto Rico Department of Housing through the CDBG-DR Funds Program.


For the Municipality of Hormigueros, the subsidies were allocated through several programs:


CRP – "City Revitalization"

MRP – "Municipal Recovery Planning"

NFM – "Non-Federal Match"


With an estimated investment of over $7 million, the Municipality of Hormigueros is about to begin revitalization work on one of the three projects approved under the City Revitalization Program, known by the acronym “CRP”.


The projects approved by the City Revitalization Program are:


1. Revitalization Project of the Old Girardo González School


In 2018, it was transferred and assigned to the Municipality of Hormigueros with title of assignment for the development of activities or programs that benefit the entire community such as educational, community or commercial projects. There is currently a working agreement with the Diocese of Mayagüez through the Early Head Start Program and they have already enabled one of the buildings of said school to store materials from said program for Hormigueros and the western area. The reconstruction project for CRP will be to relocate the “Valle Infantil” Day Care Center to the classrooms on the right side of the school including the old dining room.


2. Wilfredo Toro Coliseum Improvement Project


This is a public facility, which in addition to being a venue for sports activities such as volleyball and basketball, there are other community and school activities. It was built between 1988 and 1990, but since the passage of Hurricane Maria it is closed because it needs substantial improvements in its structure. Its renovation includes several details necessary for its operation, it is planned to close the structure to place air conditioning, sports facilities, the electrical system, the floor, the stands will be improved and the entire system of electronic screens will be replaced, among others. This would transform this facility into a more resilient, safe one within current building codes and would be ready to be considered as a shelter if necessary.


3. Juanita Arenas Theater Remodeling and Expansion Project


This theater is a historical jewel for our city, since its foundation in 1974, and is located in a preferential place in the urban area. Since 2015 they are immersed in their renovation and thanks to the CRP and FEMA Funds, the total and code rehabilitation of this municipal building will be achieved for the enjoyment of all.

Logo Of City Revitalization Program

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